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Our manufacturing division specializes in products for the fluids separation industry.
As an O.E.M. supplier/manufacturer of centrifuge makers worldwide, you can count on us to deliver abrasion resistant products for your centrifuge on-time, under budget and with World Class ISO certified quality.

Our line of decanter flight tiles, liners and nozzles will meet and exceed your expectations in every regard.

Our state of the art ceramic flight tile is designed for high acid environments mounted on an easy to install stainless body.  Our unique ceramic to SST bond is tested to withstand over 7,000 Gs.

 Tile2.jpg (13185 bytes) Ceramictile.jpg (42546 bytes)   

Improved hydrodynamic performance equates to extended life of both the tile and the centrifuge. This is achieved with our  tungsten carbide lip tile. Mated to a custom SST backer plate for maximum performance.

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Improving product performance, delivery and your "bottom-Line".

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